30 Days of Anti-Racism: #3 Spotlighting

Spotlighting is the practice of focusing attention on an individual, event, or action. Every organization will have a means to concentrate attention in this manner. Anti-racists must learn to develop their own means of spotlighting. Attention is influence. Influence is power. As a concentrator of attention, the spotlight can convey the currency of favor, privilege […]

30 Days of Anti-Racism: #2 Personalization

If there is one thing we know about racism – it’s that racism is deeply personal. Racism arises from within human personalities even as it dehumanizes others. Those subjected to its trauma feel the sting of being constantly defamed, excluded, and oppressed. Those indoctrinated and brainwashed into racism either accept its false-narratives and participate in […]

30 days of Anti-racism: #1 Externalization

The General Commission on Religion and Race has challenged United Methodists to spend the month of September “dismantling” racism. In response to this challenge, I will be sharing experiences from over 25 years of United Methodist Ministry that involve structural racism. I joined the UMC in 1990 as a student at the University of Texas, […]

Just Pray

Peace with Justice Sunday June 7, 2020 Has anyone ever told you to “just pray”? Telling someone who is voicing a grievance about suffering or injustice to go away and “just pray” misses the point of prayer and Christian spirituality. Crying out to seek empathy, solidarity, help, and change is the very essence of prayer. […]

Love (and loathing) in the time of coronavirus

Last Sunday, March 15, 2020, the congregation I serve registered a greater attendance of those viewing online than those present in person for worship. This did not take place because we have finally moved into studio television production or due to the amazing popularity of our ministry. We experienced a surge in online viewing due […]