The Sacramento Disassembly

At the recent gathering of the New Mexico Annual Conference of the UMC, delegates approved a resolution renouncing all claim to ownership or authority over the extensive Sacramento campground property nestled in the mountains near Cloudcroft, New Mexico. Apparently, as with church pulpits and other leadership structures, the Sacramento Campground board of directors and staff […]

The Leap Quadrennium?

As I wrote in a blog titled Methodist Misnomers, United Methodist church culture has a very bad habit of using language in misleading and manipulative ways. (For example, the term “missional purposes” is used for institutional bias against an individual, and “protocol” was used to describe the weakening of protocols.) Today, April 22, 2024, I […]

Remembering the Christian Advocate

Rev. John P. Feagins As the 2024 General Conference approaches this month, delegates will navigate hundreds of pages of petitions and other proposals. These proposals have been organized and published into a document called The Advance Daily Christian Advocate (ADCA). Similarly, during General Conference, the legislative process will be documented and published on a daily […]

Epiphany: When God Shows UP

Epiphany: When God Shows UpRev. John P. Feagins In modern use, the word epiphany describes the recognition of a new idea or understanding, that light-bulb moment.  Perhaps you’ve had an epiphany where you saw something in a new way or gained a new understanding. In Christianity, Epiphany describes something God does in the world.  Epiphany is a manifestation or […]

TRIAL IN PROGRESS: please forgive our Transparency

Next week, the ecclesial trial of Bishop Minerva Carcaño will begin at the Wespath (Pensions) Headquarters of the United Methodist Church. Over the past year, advocacy groups such as COSROW, GCORR, and MARCHA have raised concerns over the length and severity of Bishop Carcaño’s suspension, calling for her process to either move forward or be […]