The One Percent Plan

As the Wesleyan Covenant Association prepares for another Global Gathering this weekend, many United Methodists will wonder if this will be the defining moment, the convening of an alternative General Conference to constitute a new conservative denomination, the serving of the divorce papers, the split. Talk of the split is everywhere. Search for some United […]

30 Days of Anti-Racism: #13 Polarization

Polarization is both a process and an action. Water molecules, for example, are polarized, with positive and negative charges on opposite sides. The earth spins on an axis around two poles. Visible light can become polarized, oscillating in only one plane, through interaction with other substances. Polarization is more similar to homogeneity than diversity. With […]

30 Days of Anti-Racism: #12 Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering is the practice of drawing political boundaries in such a way as to intentionally create minorities. In secular politics, this practice leads to the convoluted shape of many U.S. congressional districts. The majority party will intentionally draw boundaries to give the minimum number of seats to the opposing party. The following graphic illustrates how […]

30 Days of Anti-Racism: #11 Redlining

A few years ago, I was enjoying a Quarter Pounder meal with an old friend at a McDonalds located across the street from a Mega-Church in North Dallas. This McDonalds had been remodeled to serve that social location. Its countertops, floors, and other surfaces were polished granite. It featured polished brass fixtures, fine tables and […]